3 Things to Consider Before Building Your Wood Deck

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 10/16/2014 to Wood Care Tips
Adding a wood deck to your home is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can undertake, for a number of different reasons. While the increase in resale value is likely not going to increase dramatically, it should still add an estimated 70-80 percent of your material costs to the home value.

Where it helps in the resale market is by separating your home from others on the market in your area that don't have a deck, and the general aesthetic appeal it provides to potential buyers. Where the true value of adding a wood deck comes in is the satisfaction that you, your family and your friends get from all of the activities you can enjoy on your new deck. Since you will likely spend a decent amount of time on that deck, there are a number of aspects to consider before building it.

1) Shape and Layout - Do you want to build a basic square deck or something more artistic? How many levels you want the deck to be? Do you want the deck to incorporate one side of the home, or a wrap-around deck? You will definitely want the deck to be accessible from the primary entrance on the front or back of the home, but having access from the master bedroom can add a certain charm to your home as well.

2) Usage - How do you plan on using your deck? Will you be entertaining friends on the deck? Large events? Considering how you'll use your deck will not only go far in helping you determine size, shape and layout, but also which furnishings and deck accessories like fire pits, BBQs, etc... that you'll want to incorporate.

3) Outdoor Landscape Considerations - Does your back yard have large trees? An unobstructed view of the sunset? Is it level or on a grade? Will you get sunlight or shade at certain times of the day? If you really want to build the perfect deck, you have to take into account every element of how you will be using it, including the when, the where and the how.