4 Important Tips for a Lasting Wooden Fence

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 11/27/2014 to Wood Care Tips

Having a wooden fence in your home definitely adds great charm and beauty, not to mention delivers several functions such as added security, delineation of property boundaries, and enclosure for a garden or even for livestock.

As part of your home, it's important that you don't neglect your wooden fence so that you can continue to enjoy its benefits. Besides, since this part of your house is immediately seen as part of the façade, you have to maintain its appearance too in order to add value and appeal to your residence.

·        Minimize Exposure to Water.

Although you can't help but have your fences exposed to water during rainy days, you can minimize this by ensuring that pickets are not flattened on the top so that rain will simply roll off instead of settling. As much as possible, keep sprinklers farther and pointed away from the wooden fences. Often check for puddles forming on the ground so you can do something about them before they destroy your beautiful fences.

·        Treat the Wood Regularly.

Even if you availed of the best quality of wood and the most durable there is, it's still vital to treat the wood regularly to make it last longer and in great condition. For instance, you can make use of a water-repellant protective coating or perhaps add a reliable wood preservative. Layering your fences with these is beneficial in sealing in the natural oil of the wood and keeping it from decaying or deteriorating fast.

In our Exterior Stains and Coatings category, you'll find several coatings you might want to consider to give your fences a fresher look while protecting the natural wood.

·        Remove Dirt and Stains.

It's also of utmost importance to regularly clean your wooden fences. Use the proper cleaning materials and also make sure to remove all dirt and stains. For example, you can utilize our Wood Brightener Plus to help restore the sheen, health, and overall quality of your wooden fences. We also have a wood stripper that's known to effectively remove semi-transparent stains.

·        Go for Pressure-Treated Posts.

You should also pay attention to the actual posts incorporated with the wood. Since these posts reach underground, they are more likely to get exposed to wetness and also to different insects, all of which can harm the wood or make your entire fence collapse. Thus, you may want to look into going for this type of treatment for the posts if you're just about to have the fence made, changed, or restored.

Make sure you carry out these tips and you'll definitely enjoy your wooden fence for a long time!