Board Defense
Board Defense

Board Defense

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A versatile product for the protection and treatment of wood against all wood destroying organisms.

Board Defense is a white powder that comes ready to use as a dust or in solution mixed easily in water. There are no hazardous solvents to use and no odors. The active ingredient in Board Defense, Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate, is a borate derivative that will not break down. Borates have been used as safe and effective pest control for over 40 years.

How is Board Defense used?

When applied as a solution, Board Defense will use the moisture present in wood to penetrate deep into the board. Since Board Defense does not break down, the active ingredient will be drawn deeper into the wood in time. This provides long lasting and effective protection. However, all surfaces treated with Board Defense that will be exposed to rain should be coated with TWP after the wood has dried from treatment.

How does Board Defense work?

Board Defense is a slow acting stomach poison to insects and an instant contact poison to wood rot and fungi. As wood destroying insects and their larvae carry on their normal activities, they accumulate Board Defense into their systems. General insects such as ants, cockroaches, crickets and others will ingest the borate through their feeding and preening habits. An accumulation of Board Defense acts to poison the insect.