Bor8 Rods - 1/2" X 2"

Bor8 Rods - 1/2" X 2"

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  • Prevents rot in wood
  • Stops existing rot in wood

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Bor8 Rods are highly effective in controlling decay fungi that can cause strength loss and eventual structural failure in untreated wood.

Recommended Usage:

Bor8 Rods are inserted into decaying wood or wood at high risk areas through drilled holes.

Bor8 Rods are positioned in such a way that moisture will distribute the desired loading of preservative throughout the target area. There are three steps to install Bor8 Rods:

Drill appropriate sized holes to accommodate the predetermined number and size of Bor8 Rods required; Insert the suitable size and number of Bor8 Rods into the holes; and Seal the hole with a treated wooded dowel, wood filler or caulk. Drill holes 1/16 inch greater in diameter than the preservative rods to result in a snug fit. This will ensure proper diffusion in all directions from the rod. In addition, leave a minimum of 1/8 inch of head space between Bor8 Rods and hole plug to allow for expansion. After installation, paint or any other type of surface coating may be applied to the wood if desired. Install Bor8 Rods in the general vicinity of where the potential for decay is greatest or where decay exists. Bor8 Rods can be inserted through any wood surface depending on access, in either a staggered, linear or angled pattern. Start at 6 inches from a joint or the end of the wood and cover the entire affected length. Linear spacing along the grain should not exceed 15 inches on center and spacing across the grain should not exceed 6 inches on the center.

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