Borate Based Preservatives

How to fix rotten wood? Borates! 
How to preserve wood? Borates! 
Borate-based preservatives help you to protect your wood to help it last longer and look beautiful in the process. Wood can decay over time thanks to the natural rotting process. Water damage can speed up that process, as can pest infestations and fungus. By applying a borate-based preservative to your wood, you can protect it from these and other decaying agents that can threaten its structural integrity and mar its natural beauty. Wood Care Systems carries a variety of borate-based preservatives from top name brands, such as Jecta, Bora-Care, Bor8 Rods, Penashield, Board Defense and Tim-Bor. You can buy the quantities you need, either for small touch ups or for large jobs, like treating the entire exterior of your home. Products are priced competitively to help them fit your budget. Browse our catalog to find the products you need to protect your home and your wood furniture.
  • Bor8 Rods Bor8 Rods
    Highly effective wood preservatives used to stop and prevent wood fungal decay that can cause strength loss and eventual structural failure in wood structures.
  • Bora-Care Bora-Care
    Working as an innovative wood preservative and pesticide, Liquid Bora-Care is not just another surface treatment, but a long-term wood maintenance product.
  • Board Defense Board Defense
    Protects and treats wood against all wood destroying organisms.
  • Tim-Bor Tim-Bor
    Tim-bor is a wood preservative that stops and prevents rot and insect attack. It can be sprayed or brushed onto the surface of lumber, timbers, OSB or plywood
  • Jecta Jecta
    A borate gel that is great for injecting into checks in logs before you seal them. Use in small cracks and areas too small for an Impel Rod. Can also be injected into empty holes before you insert the Impel Rod.
  • Penashield Penashield
    Used by pest control operators PenaShield's Ready-to-Use Formula protects wood and prevents decay in wood structures and materials.