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Mildew Sealer is one of the best wood care products that we carry at Woodcare Systems. It allows you to repaint over chronic mildew surfaces, instead of sanding or stripping off the old finish. Mildew Sealer is used indoors in bathrooms and other humid areas as well as outdoors on siding, stucco and masonry.

TWP® Mildew Sealer
is a 100% Acrylic latex, non-pigmented sealer. It also has exceptional properties and is an excellent primer when the surface has been previously painted, and is chalking, moldy or peeling. TWP® Mildew Sealer is a transparent coating that will provide a mildew resistant barrier and provides a much better surface to increase the bond strength of the new paint.

TWP® Mildew Sealer is 100% acrylic and VOC compliant. It is a special formulation for use over surfaces contaminated with organic growth. It contains a special blend of fungicides to resist the growth of mold from the old surface into the new paint film. The net result is increased coating system longevity. It must be re-coated with high quality latex (not oil) based paint or stain within 14 days for best results. Use TWP® Mildew Sealer whenever you are painting over new or previously painted surfaces where peeling, chalking or chronic mildew is a concern.

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