CuBor Pole Wraps

CuBor Pole Wraps

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CuBor Wraps
CuBor Wraps prevent the occurrence of decay and stop existing decay in wood structures in ground. It is a highly effective, self-contained delivery system for copper naphthenate.

CuBor Wraps are a self contained delivery system for copper napthenate – the internationally recognized wood preservative that fights the damaging effects of moisture, decay and insect attack.

The CuBor Wrap consists of two tough wraps. One is a chemical, vapor and UV resistant envelope and the other is a vapor barrier film backing. They encase a thick pad saturated with a 2% copper napthenate solution in P9 oil.

CuBor Wrap's unique and patented design provides a long lasting reservoir of protection. The preservative penetration is about 1" from the surface. This external preservative system is often combined with Bor8 Rods or IMPEL Rods for internal preservative protection. The combination of Bor8 Rods and CuBor Wraps provides most effective environmentally acceptable treatment available for remedial treatment of wood in ground contact.

All CuBor Wraps are 18" wide to protect the vulnerable area 12" below the ground and 6" above. There, you have the right combination of moisture and oxygen to cause problems. To determine the CuBor Wrap length that is right for your wood size, measure the circumference, and order the size that provides at least 1" of overlap. If you only know the diameter, multiply that times 3.14 to get the circumference. A partial listing of sizes is below. Other standard sizes and custom sizes are available.