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Ever get fuzzy wood after pressure washing?  “Fuzz” is actually loose wood fibers that have been only partially removed from the wood surface.   The use of chemical strippers and pressure washing will remove some of the wood fiber and leave some clinging by a thread.   If you stain over fuzzy wood, the stain soaks into the fuzz and appears darker than the surround smooth wood resulting in the finished surface looking blotchy and unfinished.  Sanding is time consuming and requires you to set the nails below the surface on a deck.  But sanding does not remove the fuzz between the grain.  Besides, if you are going to sand the whole darned thing, you might as well not waste time pressure washing.   However, pressure washing is fast and an efficient use of water but if you are not careful or if the wood is badly weathered, you’re going to get the fuzzies.  

Wood Care’s defuzz pads are a quick and efficient way to get rid of the fuzzies with only a fraction of the time and effort.  They get down between the grain and remove 99% of the fuzz.  There are other brushes and pads that we have used but this setup is the quickest and easiest on your arms and shoulders.  The pads fit onto a Makita GV 5000 disk sander shown below and can be purchased at   Its weighs less than 3 pounds and can be held in one hand.  You should wear glasses or safety goggles when defuzzing wood. 


·         Wrap the cord in duct tape.  Invariably, the pad will nick the cord and the tape adds an extra layer of protection. 

·         Use the pad until it wears to the backer pad.

·         Unplug the defuzzer before changing the pad. 

·         Turn the defuzzer, pad-side up to change the pad.  When installing the new pad, apply a lot of downward pressure on the bolt with the hex wrench to get it started.  Tighten it very tight to keep it from spinning free of the backing disk. 

·         Use a sanding disk between the backing disk and the defuzz pad.  This will help it grip better.


The Makita GV 5000 aka The “De-Fuzzer”



Top of Form

Bottom of Form


For Paint Removal and Sanding Applications

Features: Makita GV50005" Disc Sander

  • Lightweight for easy operation
  • Powerful motor for maximum sanding
  • Ball and needle bearing construction for long life
  • Double insulated

Specifications: Makita GV5000 5" Disc Sander

·  Sanding Disc -- 5"

·  No Load RPM -- 4,500

·  Amps -- 3.6

·  Length -- 7-1/8"

·  Net Weight -- 2.6 lbs

·  Shipping Weight -- 4.0 lbs

• 1 Ea. Abrasive disc #80 (742109-9) • Plastic pad (743025-8)
• Side handle (273406-7) • Hex wrench (783203-8)



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