How Stain Helps You Care For Your Wood

Posted by EWood Care on 8/19/2014

Most people who have wooden items around their home know that applying a stain is a good idea, but that doesn’t mean they understand why. Whether you have a wooden deck, wooden fence, or even wooden furniture inside your home, you should be investing in a wooden stain or coating. There are even specific products designed for exterior use. Here are just some of the ways that staining your wood will help it last longer.


It is a good idea to waterproof wooden furniture inside your home, but it becomes essential when talking about a deck or even furniture that sits outside. Anytime that water comes in contact with your wooden items (whether from rain or a spill), it can potentially cause damage. All stains provide at least some level of waterproofing by creating a protective barrier over the top of the wood. This means that if water comes in contact with the surface, it will harmlessly flow away instead of damaging your deck or furniture.

Rot Protection

Another issue that staining your wood can help prevent is rotting. As soon as wood starts to rot, you cannot reverse this progress. It can also lead to dangerous situations if not replaced, especially when the wood in question is a floor, deck, or patio. To prevent the need to replace your wood due to rot, you can simply stain it. This will also help protect the wood from mildew, mold, and termites so you are less likely to need to replace it in the near future.

Block Sunlight

A final protective feature of wooden stains is their ability to help block sunlight. Although it may not seem significant, over time wood can be damaged by the sun, both visually and structurally. Simply coating the wood can slow down the damage significantly, even if the item is in direct sunlight for part of the day.