How To Remove Stains From Wooden Furniture

Posted by EWood Care on 8/14/2014

In the world of wooden furniture and decks, there are types of stains. The good stains are a protective coating that you paint on top of the surface to keep it safe and undamaged while bad stains are accidental damage from spilling a drink or similar item. Despite your best efforts, it is likely that at some point you will get a water stain on your furniture or patio. When this happens, it pays to be prepared and know how to get rid of it.

Stain Removers

Perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to get rid of a stain from your wooden surfaces is via a stain remover or similar wood cleaner. You can find these in many places and they are specially designed to eliminate stains from every type of surface including fences, decks, siding, outdoor furniture, and playground equipment.


If you notice the stain right after it occurs, you may not even need to resort to a commercial stain remover. In some cases, it is possible to take an absorbent cloth and simply buff away the stain using a gentle motion. After you are done, just put some paper towels on top of the stain and let them absorb the extra moisture.


Another way to take care of the stain when you watch it occur is to take a blow dryer and use it over the wet area. This can sometimes help you dry the water up fast enough where it won’t soak into the wood. After that, try putting a cloth on top of the area with the stain and then take a medium hot iron and apply it (without steam) for two to three seconds. Check on the stain and then repeat the process if necessary. At the very least, this method may mean that you don’t have to work as hard when applying a stain remover.