If You Build It They Will Love You

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 2/5/2015

Kids are messy, and if you have them, you probably know that if you let them, they will take over your house with their messes.  You probably have a designated area for them to play and store their toys. 

When they’re infants and toddlers, you can keep their messes confined to a playpen or a blanket on the floor in the middle of the room.  As they get a little older, they may start to take up space behind the couch, invade your family room or den or even require a room just for their toys and the chaos they bring.

When your kids are just a little bit older, and they've outgrown their toys and their messes are dirty dishes, laundry strewn about and backpacks and other school paraphernalia left on couches and floors.  You know that kids need a place of their own and they've outgrown their brightly colored playroom, and truth be told, you’d much rather use the space for an office or guest room. 

If you have a front or back yard that boasts a big, beautiful and strong tree, it’s time to use that tree for something other than shade.  It’s time to build your kids a tree house.  What could possibly be more fun and adventurous for your kids than their very own refuge in the branches?

You don’t have to build a work of art.  Your tree house can consist of a floor, four walls, a roof and the much required window, and don’t forget the bucket and pulley and tire swing.  The design doesn't have to be elaborate; the finished project doesn't have to be flawless, but the love and the gratitude and the reverence you will get from your kids will make you feel like you've built the Taj Majal.

Whether you choose to paint your tree house or leave it au natural, protect the wood with a stain or coating from Wood Care Systems.