Wood rot is a common occurrence in wood works at homes and commercial establishments. It is a type of fungal decay where the wood darkens, shrinks or cracks in a ‘cuboidal’ manner. Under humid conditions, it may lead to the formation of cotton wool mycelium. In less humid conditions the wood may develop patches of discoloration in shades of yellow or lilac. The best way to avoid further damage is to immediately address the issue and stop the rot from spreading. The above collection on display, features a wide range of items which you can use to combat the effects of wood rot. Some of the items on display include Scotty Replugs, Quick Wood, DeFuzz Pads, Niban Granular Bait, Drill Bits, Shur-Line and treated wood plugs. Each item in the catalog has a specific role to play in the treatment of wood and you can click on the links to know more about them. Browse through the entire list to decide on the items you need for your home. 
  • Endrot Endrot
    EndRot will not only stop decay from spreading, it will also reverse the damage and restore strength.
    Designed for both interior and exterior use, NIBAN Granular Bait is environmentally sensitive, moisture-resistant and virtually odorless, making it well suited for multiple uses.
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Staining Brush
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Scotty Replug Tool
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DeFuzz Pads
CuBor Pole Wraps
NIBAN Granular Bait
The Log Home Owner's Manual
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