NIBAN Granular Bait

NIBAN Granular Bait

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A weather-resistant granular bait that controls CARPENTER ANTS and various occasional invaders. Designed for both interior and exterior use, NIBAN Granular Bait is environmentally sensitive, moisture-resistant and virtually odorless, making it well suited for use in and around:
  • homes
  • apartments
  • schools
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • supermarkets
  • food processing plants
  • other sensitive accounts

“In field studies, the new NIBAN baits were more attractive to Argentine ants and odorous house ants. But what’s more important is that the new NIBAN bait was more effective in eliminating colonies of ants.”

Niban is easy to use!
  1. Cut open bag at bottom, then open seal.
  2. Walk briskly while shaking bag up and down.
  3. Bait areas per label instructions
  4. When finished, turn upside down and reseal for next job.

NIBAN ant bait is available in a 40-pound bag.