Restoration Epoxies and Adhesives

How to repair rotten wood? EndRot system! 

When you invest in real wood structures you get beautiful, quality decks, log homes, cedar siding, or art pieces that can last you for many years to come. Unfortunately, the wood can also decay if it is not cared for properly. If your wood is showing signs of decay,Wood Care Systems offers the products you need to restore the wood. End Rot can help stop the spread of decay and prevent it from coming back. It can even strengthen the wood with Sculpwood.   Sculpwood is a two-part epoxy resin putty that you can use to restore and bring back what the you may have lost due to wood rot. For smaller jobs, you can use Quick Wood. Explore our line of products to find the solutions for your restoration project. You can transform an older piece of furniture into something beautiful and timeless.

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SculpWood Putty Kit
Sculpwood Paste Kit
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