SculpWood Putty Kit
SculpWood 2 Pint Kit

SculpWood Putty Kit

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Sculpwood's adhesive putty system consists of both a resin and a hardener. When combined, they become a non-shrinking mass that is dimensionally stable, chemical, water, heat, and weather resistant.

will not crack, split or shrink. This versatile product will rebuild and restore wood's integrity and form a permanent bond to most rigid surfaces. Porous surfaces like wood should first be coated with RotFix.

Application: With disposable gloves on each hand, knead together one part of SculpWood Part A with one Part B by volume. Mix no more than can be applied within 15 minutes. Start with a golf ball size of Part A and a golf ball size of B. They are different colors, so knead them together for at least 1 full minute - or until the mix is one completely uniform color. Insufficient blends give poor results.

Technique: When cured, SculpWood can be sawed, nailed, carved, machined, and sanded. SculpWood can also be stained or painted. (If stained, you will need to experiment with various colors as it does not accept stain color the same as the adjacent wood.)

  • TIP: When it is warmer than 80 degrees outside, flatten out the mixed ball of Part A and B into a pancake. If left in a ball, heat will build up and it will begin to cure in the middle.
  • TIP: Use a putty knife dipped in acetone or white vinegar to smooth the rough shape. Always leave slightly more material in the void than you need to fill it. In about 24 hours, it is simple to sand flush to the original surface. If you sand too much, or under fill the void, the surface will have to be wetted with RotFix before additional SculpWood can be added. You can also mix RotFix and SculpWood to achieve a more desired consistency.
Clean-up: Uncured Mixed SculpWood (Part A and Part B) may be cleaned up with white vinegar or acetone, and then flushed with water.