TWP 100 Series

TWP 100 Series

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TWP®100 Series is for DECKS!

TWP 100 Series is a unique combination of chemicals in a professional strength, easy to apply formula that protects and preserves exterior woods in several ways.

Recommended Usage: Best for horizontal surfaces, decks, outdoor furniture, cedar siding, wooden statues and garden art.
TWP® protects wood in several ways:

TWP® helps prevent water absorption that causes warping, cracking and splitting. Prevents freeze damage in colder climates.

TWP® contains special U.V. absorbers that help prevent unsightly wood damage graying, darkening and fading.* Wood stays beautiful and natural looking longer.

TWP® is an EPA registered wood preservative that prevents structural rot damage and wood decay.

TWP® has special mildewcides that help to prevent mold and mildew spores. Decks, fences and wood siding stay fresh and new looking longer.

Long lasting, penetrating formula makes it easy to re-coat at any time. Maintenance is an easy task to perform for unlimited wood protection.
Complies with current Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations.
Available in Clear* and 5 mixable colors.
TWP® is a registered trademark of Amteco, Inc.


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