TWP 200 Series

TWP 200 Series

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TWP®200 Series is perfect for preserving cedar shake roofs, cedar shingle siding, and very old wood like historic cabins and outdoor wood sculptures.

TWP 200 protects Shakes and Shingles in several ways:

Protects Shake and Shingle:
TWP 200 is a high solids, penetrating coating for extending the service life of shakes and shingles. It is designed to enhance the structural integrity and appearance of aged roofing.

Highly Penetrative:
TWP 200 Series is highly penetrative, is highly resistant to attack from mildew, algae and moss. TWP 200 Series allows the shakes to breathe allowing water vapor within the wood, to escape.

Added lubricity:

TWP 200-Unlike other coatings, it will not seal moisture into the into wood. At 93% non volatile solids, TWP 200 Series will add lubricity and re-bulk the aged, dried out wood fiber of brittle shingles.

Airless sprayer is the most common method, though brushing and roll may be used for small areas. Low pressure sprayers are the best method. The gun assembly should have a 3 foot extension with a .032 to .040 swivel wide angle spray tip. Avoid excessive pressure to prevent overspray. Do not apply product below 45 degrees.

Easy to Apply:

TWP 200 Series must be applied to dry wood that has not be exposed to rainfall for at least 2 days. Do not apply early in the morning after a heavy overnight dew or heavy fog. This product must be mixed thoroughly. A paint mixing attachment for a drill works best.

For a shake or shingle surface over 5 years old, coverage rates will be approximately 100 square feet per gallon for one saturation coat. It is available in 5 gallon pails only. Colors are Clear, Cedartone, California Cedar, Russet Brown, Butternut Brown and Slate Gray. TWP is a registered trademark of Amteco, Inc.