TWP 300 Series
TWP 300 Series

TWP 300 Series

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TWP®300 Series is water repellent and builds a film. Not recommended for wet climates or for use under direct sun exposure.

TWP's 300 Series

is a high performance, high solids, exterior wood finish, which may be applied to obtain either a semi gloss, stained appearance, or deep gloss finish. The transparent natural wood tone finishes supplement and enhance the natural beauty of the wood's grain and color. The cured finish has superior UV, water and abrasion resistance. The finish is also extremely resistant to attack from mildew and wood destroying organisms. Although the product exhibits excellent penetration on new and old wood, the cured finish is very resistant to airborne contamination and moisture due to its positive drying nature.
OLD WOOD: Always clean with TWP WOOD SURFACE CLEANER in order to remove surface contamination like dirt, mold and mildew. If wood is over 10 years old, consider a clear coat of TWP 500 to penetrate deeply into surface checks. Then apply TWP 300 series as a second coat and follow directions as above to achieve desired appearance.
For Lustrous deep gloss varnish look: apply a coat of TWP NEW WOOD CONDITIONER to the wood. Allow 48 - 72 hours to dry, then apply TWP 300 series full strength. (Do not thin). Allow the TWP to dry 24 - 72 hours, before using horizontal surfaces. A second coat may be applied for even higher gloss.
RECOMMENDED FINISH APPEARANCE: High traffic and abrasive conditions should use the gloss finish procedure above. It provides the maximum mar and scratch resistance when treating cedar and redwood horizontal surfaces. On harder woods like oak, spruce, pine, fir and teak, either stained or glossy appearance gives excellent results. Log Homes can be finished for either stained or varnished look.
SPREAD RATE: 400 - 500 square feet per gallon over TWP New Wood Conditioner. Second coat 500-600 ft./gal. A second coat may be necessary to achieve uniform gloss. 200 - 500 square feet per gallon over bare wood for stained effect. Aged wood or porous surfaces may reduce coverage.
METHOD OF APPLICATION: Brush, roller, spray, wiping cloth or pad. Do not apply below 45 degrees. Use proper precautions to avoid contaminating other surfaces and foliage with over spray.
Application: Mix well. NEW WOOD: For a stained effect - a satin to flat finish. Clean surfaces with a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part TWP WOOD SURFACE CLEANER. Rinse with water and allow 24 - 48 hours of good drying conditions. Apply a thin coat of TWP and wipe off excess which has not penetrated in 15 minutes with a soft cloth. In order to minimize sheen development, blend in 20 - 25% mineral spirits. (Up to 1 quart per gallon or 1 gallon per 5 gallons.)
MIX THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING. A "Jiffy Mixer" is ideal. It attaches to a drill and can be found at most paint stores. They usually carry an assortment of mixers. Otherwise stir well making sure your get the stuff on the bottom mixed in. Then reseal the container and shake vigorously for two full minutes. Failure to mix this product properly will result in uneven appearance and protection. Tints and fungicides tend to settle to the bottom and must be brought back up into solution. It is a good idea to re-mix about once every 2 - 3 hours during the application.
APPLICATION TIPS: Surface Preparation is the most important thing you can do to maximize the life of a wood finish. Always remove all dirt and organic growth with TWP Wood Surface Cleaner. If the surface is still somewhat gray after cleaning, use X-180 Wood Brightener (from Wood Care Systems) to restore wood's original color. Do not apply to wet wood or when rain is likely within a couple of days. Do not apply in direct sunlight when the temperature is above 85 degrees. Do not apply on windy days. When spraying, brush out all runs or sags that do not soak in the wood within 15 minutes. Back brushing helps you get more complete coverage in wood's knots and imperfections. Also it helps even out an inconsistent spray pattern.