Termite Control Safety Tips

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 2/6/2015 to Wood Care Tips

Nobody appreciates a bug when it decides to expand its territory into your home. Some of the most irritating and damaging bugs are termites; a small creature that resembles an ant with long wings, ranging in colors from black to white. Termites can come in numbers of 350,000 or more and are famous for quickly wearing out their welcome.

A termites favorite hangout is in the subterranean earth, making an underground labyrinth called galleries which can extend in size to three feet. These mud tubes make a connection to your wood flooring, a primary food source. Wood is stacked with cellulose, and termites thrive on it. So what do you do if a swarm of termites become cozy in your home?

Well known termite treatments include liquid termiticide and termite bait. The liquid comes as a protective layer that you apply around the foundation of your house. With bait, stations of untreated wood are set in designated areas, and if termites are active and attack it, the wood is replaced with a toxic type that the bugs carry back to their nest. These methods of elimination are not favored due to the chemicals they involve. Other ways are heat or cold treatments. The temperature is brought to a controlled degree for several hours in the sealed off location, killing the swarms. A high frequency, low amperage wave of electricity that is applied to an area also works. An advantage to this is that the electricity runs over the skin instead of being absorbed, making it contact safe.

Overall, the best tip for Pest Control is prevention. Seal all cracks and leaks in your house with caulk. Remove growth barriers that would build up moisture and clear your gutters. Install mesh screens in your attic for proper ventilation and reduced build up. Store any wood away from house. Keep this separated from the dirt by using metal slabs. A borate based wood preservative deters with low levels of toxicity. Remove dead wood from your property and put mulch in rubber piles. Taking these steps will ensure you have done your best to eliminate the possibility of termite infestation.