Termite Control Safety Tips

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 2/6/2015 to Wood Care Tips
Nobody appreciates a bug when it decides to expand its territory into your home. Some of the most irritating and damaging bugs are termites; a small creature that resembles an ant with long wings, ranging in colors from black to white. Termites can come in numbers of 350,000 or more and are famous for quickly wearing out their welcome.

3 Reasons Why Wood Finishing Works

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 1/17/2015 to Wood Care Tips

When it comes to planning and building wood-based structures and flooring it’s important to pay attention not just to the design and materials, but also on the wood finishes. Wood finishes are available in a variety of preparations including paste, liquid or gel, and these are often applied thinly into a wooden surface. There are two general types of wooden finishes- finishes that create a thin coating into the wooden surface and mixtures that can penetrate the wooden material.

Prepping your Deck for Refinishing & Staining

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 12/12/2014 to Wood Care Tips
Whether your deck is made of pressure-treated lumber, cedar, redwood, or teak, everything from the sun's UV rays to rain and snow to simple everyday use creates wear and tear on the surface. Sooner or later it'll need refinishing.

4 Important Tips for a Lasting Wooden Fence

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 11/27/2014 to Wood Care Tips

Having a wooden fence in your home definitely adds great charm and beauty, not to mention delivers several functions such as added security, delineation of property boundaries, and enclosure for a garden or even for livestock.

As part of your home, it's important that you don't neglect your wooden fence so that you can continue to enjoy its benefits. Besides, since this part of your house is immediately seen as part of the façade, you have to maintain its appearance too in order to add value and appeal to your residence.

Preparing Your Wood Deck for the Winter, Your Time Is Running Out

Posted by ewoodcare on 10/26/2014 to Wood Care Tips
Winter is quickly approaching. Now is the time to prepare your wood deck for the colder months. If you properly prepare your wood deck for the winter, your deck will survive the wind, rain, snow, and debris. If you love your wood deck, protect it from the harsh elements of the winter.

3 Things to Consider Before Building Your Wood Deck

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 10/16/2014 to Wood Care Tips
Adding a wood deck to your home is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can undertake, for a number of different reasons. While the increase in resale value is likely not going to increase dramatically, it should still add an estimated 70-80 percent of your material costs to the home value.