Preparing Your Wood Deck for the Winter, Your Time Is Running Out

Posted by ewoodcare on 10/26/2014 to Wood Care Tips
Winter is quickly approaching. Now is the time to prepare your wood deck for the colder months. If you properly prepare your wood deck for the winter, your deck will survive the wind, rain, snow, and debris. If you love your wood deck, protect it from the harsh elements of the winter.

3 Things to Consider Before Building Your Wood Deck

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 10/16/2014 to Wood Care Tips
Adding a wood deck to your home is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can undertake, for a number of different reasons. While the increase in resale value is likely not going to increase dramatically, it should still add an estimated 70-80 percent of your material costs to the home value.

Your Dream Home Come to Life

Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 10/5/2014

Most little girls dream of growing up and having a perfect life that includes Prince Charming, 2.2 kids, the beautiful home with the wraparound porch and picket fence, and most men dream of giving it to her, complete with the porch swing, swimming pool, jungle gym and tree house for those 2.5 kids.

Restore Your Front Door

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 10/5/2014


That time of year is coming up.  You know that time of year when you are invaded by relatives.  That’s right:  The Holidays.  Before you know it, your pantry will be stocked with everything you need to serve an army – or your family.  Your home will be decorated festively, and you will begin shopping for all the people on your nice list.  In the forefront of your mind, as you begin preparing for the onslaught of relatives, is that one person who will find something to criticize.  Whether it’s your own mother, your mother-in-law, or your great Aunt Sally, every family has that one hard to please relative.  

Autumn Deck Cleaning

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 10/5/2014

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your autumn evenings spent on a deck that has a new and fresh look?  While that may seem out of your reach, fortunately you don’t have to tear down and rebuild.  You can revitalize in a less drastic way.