4 Important Tips for a Lasting Wooden Fence

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 11/27/2014 to Wood Care Tips

Having a wooden fence in your home definitely adds great charm and beauty, not to mention delivers several functions such as added security, delineation of property boundaries, and enclosure for a garden or even for livestock.

As part of your home, it's important that you don't neglect your wooden fence so that you can continue to enjoy its benefits. Besides, since this part of your house is immediately seen as part of the fa├žade, you have to maintain its appearance too in order to add value and appeal to your residence.

Upcycled Wood Pallets Make Artsy Home Furniture

Posted by Wood Care Systems on 11/17/2014 to General Wood Care
Upcycling is a hot trend right now because not only does it reduce waste destined for the dump, it also repurposes that trash to become someone's treasure.

Yes, You Can Safely Cook, Grill, Barbecue, and Smoke on Your Wood Deck

Posted by ewoodcare on 11/4/2014 to General Wood Care
Grilling and barbecuing on your wooden deck can be done safely as long as you place your grill in the right location and take a few simple safety precautions.