Can TWP® be painted over?

TWP® 100 Series: YES, but it must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days. TWP® contains a water repellent so an oil based caulking, or oil based primer or paint must be used. IF an oil based primer is used first, a water based paint can be used as a top coat.

TWP® 500 Series: We do not recommend painting over this series, as the oil in the 500 Series may interfere with the adhesion and drying of the top coat.

Can TWP® be tinted?

NO, do not tint the ready mixed colors of TWP®. Variations of color may be achieved by intermixing the colors (except the grays, which can only be intermixed with each other or the clear). TWP® 100 or 500 may be used to lighten any of the standard colors (101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 115, 116, 120, 501, 502, 503, 511, 515, or 516). Do not dilute more than 50% with the 100 or 500, as the clears do not contain UV absorbers, so they lessen color stability, 25% is preferable.

Will TWP® stain the caulking/chinking?

YES. If you want the chinking to remain its original color, apply TWP®, then chink. Be sure to test the chinking and TWP® for compatibility. If using TWP® 500C Series, you must chink first.

Will TWP® protect my deck from scratch marks?

NO, TWP® is a penetrating wood protectant, not a varnish. TWP® does not form a film, therefore it cannot protect wood from scratches.

How can I tell if my previously treated wood will accept a coat of TWP®?

After cleaning/power washing, if water beads up on your wood, there is still enough of the old wood treatment remaining to adversely affect penetration of TWP®. A good rule of thumb, if your wood absorbs water, it will absorb TWP®. It is always wise to do a test area when in doubt.

How long can I store the TWP® I have left over?

TWP® has a shelf life up to 18 months from the date it was manufactured. The container must be tightly resealed and stored in an area where temperatures do not drop below 50 degrees F.

Can I add a pesticide to TWP® to help protect my log home from insects?

Most insecticides sold at paint stores can be added to TWP.

TWP 100 Series vs. TWP 500 Series

Volume Solids
Solids By Weight
Normal Dry Time
VOC Compliant in
VOC Grams/Liter
Flash Point
Trans oxide Pigments
100 Series
4 Hours
36 States
550 Max
105 F
500 Series
50 States
350 Max
105 F

There is evidence of fungal attack on our home's steps, columns, deck and planters. What should we do?

Remove finish and clean wood. Drill holes and insert Impel Rods. Treat surface with borate perservative. Seal holes then apply water repellent finish. Eliminate source of moisture.

We have evidence of insect attack on our building. There are oval holes, termite tubes and tiny piles of sawdust. What do we do?

Call pest exterminator or treat with borate based preservative if the attack is isolated to specific areas.

Our roof overhangs too short and water is splashing into the logs, causing discolorization. What do we do now?

Install gutters, clean the discolored logs, apply liberal coats of water repellent preservative annually, or as required.